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Do you need a lead paint or mold inspection?
Your home was built before 1978. 
Do you have young children? 
Planning a renovation?
Poor paint conditions?
Old painted windows?

Do you have musty odors? 
Past or present leaks or floods? 
Visible mold or staining? 
Allergy or asthma irritation? 
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Lead and Mold Testing
Since 1995, Enviro-Test, Inc. has been providing professional lead-based paint services and mold inspections. We offer inspections, paint testing, risk assessments (dust, water, soil analysis), and pre- and post-renovation consulting. We serve all five boroughs of New York City and Long Island and also offer our services in all 5 boroughs and Long Island.

We use the best technology available for our testing services, including X-ray fluorescence technology that is non-destructive. Certified laboratories provide professional and accurate analysis for us. If you believe you might need a lead paint or mold testing, call us today to get started.

We perform professional lead paint or mold inspections for all kinds of sites.

Enviro-Test Inspects
Mold Testing Suffolk County, NY
Apartments, and single and multi-family homes
Mold Testing Nassau County, NY
Low & high rise developments.
Mold Testing New York, NY
Day care centers
Mold Inspection Nassau County, NY
Mold Inspection New York, NY
Construction Sites
Mold Inspection Suffolk County, NY
All types of structures prior to the disturbance of painted surfaces.
Enviro-Test provides inspection services in lead-based paint, and mold.
"Prompt, Professional, Experienced, Knowledgeable."
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Quick Facts
1 - 20 years of experience.
2 - A certified lead inspection company.
3 - Mold consultations and testing.
4 - Member of the Lead Environmental Hazards Association (LEHA)
5 - Member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
6 - Member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
Our Satisfied Clients Include
Mothers with Children

Management Companies

Daycare Centers


Government Agencies
Business Information
77 Broadway, Suite 1
Amityville, NY 11701 

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Fax: (631) 521-7820
Toll Free: (800)-228-7838
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